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Welcome to Blue Creek Industries, Inc. the developer of  TheCrevice.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Jim Conroy** and I invented and patented TheCrevice, a revolutionary new gel bait presentation device. I have been involved in the pest management industry for over twenty-five years so all of the information provided comes from true field experience.

During the evolution of gel baiting, pest control operators have developed many of their own techniques for applying gel baits. Some of these techniques are excellent and some not so great but one area of deficiency that has always stood out was getting the baits to hard to reach or almost inaccessible areas. This problem lead me to invent TheCrevice which will dramatically solve this issue while saving time, increasing productivity, reducing baiting costs and increasing efficiency by getting the gel baits where they belong and so much more!
Blue Creek Industries, Inc. has strived to produce a unique product down to even the most minor details like making sure the outer surface has a semi-rough finish making it easy for insects to climb, providing a contoured handle for easy grasping while applying the baits, to a small "o" ring at the end for unusual hanging applications. Blue Creek Industries, Inc. has made sure that TheCrevice is consistently made of a quality material and the peel and stick version utilizes actual 3M tape to ensure a quality performance.
We are sure there are numerous application ideas or techniques for utilizing TheCrevice that we have not thought of so we welcome you to submit your thoughts, experiences, suggestions or ideas to us. We will acknowledge and post your feedback on our TheCrevice.biz web site to share with all of the other professionals within our industry. To post your experience click on TheCrevice Home .
Now it's time to click on "TheCrevice Home" button on the left and learn so much more of the advantages of making TheCrevice one of your tools of the trade.
**Jim Conroy the CEO of Blue Creek Industries, Inc. was the President of the Long Island Pest Control Association for five years and presently holds the position of Past President, Member of the Board of Directors. During this period he interacted with many manufacturers, distributors, governmental agencies, sales representatives and esteemed industry leaders and educators. These assets prepared Jim to see the need for such a device and to develop it to its full potential.

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